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Significant fascination of Nubra is one of the highest motorable roads Khardongla pass (18,380ft.) magnificent peaks and glaciers charming valleys and towns. Diskit and Samstanling Gonpa, Panamik hot spring, double humped camel safari, river rafting, trekking and Sunbathe in the sand dunes  at Hunder are additionally an incredible for the tourists.This valley is prominently known as Ldumra or the valley of orchid flowers. It is located in the North of Ladakh, among Karakoram and Ladakh ranges of Himalayas. Nubra lies at normal height around 10,000 feet above sea level.

 The climate of the zones being delicate, soil is much fertile  and the vegetation of the area is better than those of different regions of Ladakh. Bushes, shrubs and trees grow in abundance anywhere there is any availability  of water. Because of this logic Nubra has obtained its correct name-Ldumra. Shayok and Siachan rivers form a genuinely huge channel in Nubra. Nubra is a wide valley with beautiful lofty mountains on its all sides. Valley attracts more travellers at the site where both the rivers meet. Diskit is the Sub-Division HQ. of Nubra. Diskit Gonpa is located at a height of around 200 mtrs. Samstanling Gonpa is situated in the North, confronting Diskit Gonpa. 


The well known hot spring of Panamik also served them as a source for bath, drinking water and therapeutic purpose. Panamik has still got charms and potentiality to serve as a host to travellers. All areas around it including Iantsa Gonpa and Murgi waterfall across it combined with scenic view strengthens its beauty and hospitality. 


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