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Pleasantly situated in a segregated, stunningly wonderful Rupshu Valley, the  Tso Moriri Lake is less than 250 kilometers southeast of Leh. Surrounded by huge mountains, this tranquil lake is around 4,000 meters above sea level. Tso Moriri is around 29 kilometers in length and as much as 8 kilometers wide. Tso Moriri includes a range of wildlife, including migratory birds, marmots and also the Tibetan wolves. 


Tso Moriri lake in Changthang area of Ladakh is perhaps the most lovely, quiet and sacred (for ladakhis)  lakes in India. Truth be told, it is the largest high altitude lake in India that is altogether in Indian Territory. This beautiful blue lake is around 7 KM wide at its broadest point and around 19 KM long. Being important for the wetland reserve under Ramsar site, it is also known as Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve and one can't set up any shelters or build anything close to the banks of the lake. It is the highest Ramsar site on the planet. An enormous number of flora and fauna  is found in the area. Since it is exceptionally close to the Line of Actual Control, one needs to get Inner Line Permit to visit Tso Moriri. 


The delightful multi shades of blue colour offered by this lake alongside a pleasant scene around gives this spot a very lovely feel and breathtaking feel. Though, in  reality, the area is harsh and difficult to stay particularly in winters. There is just one cemented house accessible around the lake and other things like  Electricity power, medical room, hot running water, western washrooms and so forth are difficult to find. The absence of oxygen makes breathing difficult if your body is not acclimatized to its high height and henceforth, one needs to decide his/her excursion carefully to make it acute mountain illness free vacation. 


From January to March, Tso Moriri remains for the most part frozen, amazingly cool conditions without any choices to remain around the lake. In April , it begins to melt and begins changing into the excellent multi shades of blue colours off the shores. May, June, July and August is the peak vacationer season however when contrasted with Pangong Tso it gets less number of travelers.  


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