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Also known locally by the name of Zahar, Zanskar is a little region in Kargil, situated in the eastern part of Ladakh. For the travellers, Zanskar Valley is quite possibly the most captivating spot to visit in the Himalayan region. Plan your visit to Zanskar Valley well ahead of time to make sure  that you don't experience difficulty in arranging basic necessities at the last moment. This valley is a semi-desert, with Buddhist majority.


Zanskar Valley is  well known for its high snow covered mountains and beautiful scenery, highlighting geographical attributes that are extraordinary to this region. Arriving at this spot will make you feel relaxed with shimmering clean river waters and a charming environment that makes it worth exploring. Situated at 105 km from Leh, Zanskar Valley has become famous among adventure lovers. With a large number of activities that can be tried at the valley, it is perhaps for the most famous hotspot for those exploring out to the Himalayas. 

Most guests to Zanskar Valley plan a tour for 2 - 3 days. Fortunately, it isn't hard to get a accomodation in this remote area of the Himalayas all round the year. 


Zanskar Frozen River Trek 

Called Chadar journey, this is one of its sort of trips that you will find everywhere in the world. The word ‘chadar’ dentes a blanket, which covers with the ice that forms over the Zanskar river during the winter season. This trek is a walking journey through the Zanskar river, which is regularly frequented by local people for trade purposes. 

Assuming you are intending to try this experience, you better come up here in the month of January and February when the sheet of ice is thickest. You should pass a clinical wellness test at the nearby Hospital in Leh, without which you can't go on this trip. 


Padum is the main town of Zanskar valley.Tourists can also visit Suru valley, Shafat glacier, Doda river, Sani monastery, Karsha Gompa, Stongdey monastery, Burdan monastery, Phuktal gompa and Zangkul gompa.  



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